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Easel Rentals


We have as many as 80 double sided wooden display easels available for rent.  Each easel will hold

up to 4 paintings (Average is 3 paintings). We will deliver the easels directly to your show site and

pickup the easels at the conclusion of your event.  All easels are of very sturdy wooden construction

and come with pegs and boards to hold the artwork. 

Rental Fees

Minimum rental order 10 easels.

40 or More - Easels are rented at $3.50 per easel/per day, plus $75.00 for Delivery/Pickup.

Fewer than 40 - Easels are $5.00 per easel/per day, plus $75.00 for Delivery/Pickup.

You Pickup and Return (Fewer than 20) - Easels are $7.00 per easel/per day. (**May Require Pre Payment**)

(20 or more Easels Require delivery due to the problems of handling so many pieces.)

All easels are stored in a secure trailer, facilitating ease of delivery and pickup. You won't have to

handle them at all as we do all the carrying and stacking.



Easel Rental

Delivery Pickup


40 easels - 1 Day show

$3.50 per easel * 1 day = $140.00



15 easels - 2 day show

$5.00 per easel * 2 days = $150.00



15 easels - you pickup ***

$7.00 per easel * 1 day = $105.00 ***



*** Self Pickup may require pre payment of rental fee.

Easels are delivered the night before your event, if site is available.  Rental is based on the actual

number of days the show is open. Pickup is immediately at the conclusion of the event.


Important - Art shows tend to be grouped during specific times of the year (Spring and Fall). 

                  Please contact us for rental bookings WELL in ADVANCE of your show date.

                  A $50.00 (non refundable) deposit may be requested upon booking, to guarantee your rental.

Contact Information

For information about Easel Rentals  Phone: 403-862-4260


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