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Kensington Art Supply & Instruction 

Calgary  - Tuesdays OR Thursdays 

These classes are seasonal and run from

September -June

   Tuesday Morning Class  9AM - 12PM

   Tuesday Afternoon Class  1PM - 4PM

Tuesday Evening Class  6PM - 9PM

    Thursday Morning Class  9AM - 12PM

    Thursday Afternoon Class  1PM - 4PM


Wheatland Society of Arts 

Strathmore - Wednesdays

Afternoon Class  2PM - 5PM

Evening Class  6PM - 9PM


Instructor Studio

Work on your own painting projects, in your style, at your own speed, in the medium of your choice. We work on setting good studio practices – how to set up your painting station and how to work from concept to completion with each painting. Instruction and mentorship are individual so you can choose your own direction. From learning the basics to building inventory – beginner to advanced – each participant can enjoy the painting process, ask for assistance as needed, and get coaching that suits their personal artistic journey.

The Workshop Version of the Instructor Studio is called ‘Concept to Completion’.  We have a brief discussion about the painting process, good studio practice and then get to work on painting.  The day ends with a critique for the group.



Colour Theory

This two-day workshop offers participants an opportunity to understand the basics of colour, colour mixing, and good use of colour harmonies. We do lots of exercises in the workshop and there is a take home workbook which offers further skill building.  


 For individuals or groups critique can be a valuable experience.  We critique or appraise on an ongoing basis in classes.  At the end of a workshop day, having someone appraise the work based on its qualities, merits and possible needs gives participants an added learning opportunity.  We review the goals set at the beginning of the class or workshop and look at the progress made. Principles and elements of design are the guides through which we look at the painting whether finished or still in progress. Each artist may decide on new goals and/or minor changes to make to improve their paintings based on comments made in a critique.                         

 Book a one-on-one private critique or ask for critique as a workshop on its own.

Drawing Lab

The basics of drawing are discussed – pencils, papers, erasers, etc. Then we get busy and draw, draw, draw.  Drawing from life is always a great way to build confidence.  ‘Drawing Lab’ is offered as a one-day workshop and as an ongoing class.

Developing Personal Style

 Our painting journey usually involves classes and study with artists where we learn how to apply paint and create paintings. We read books and try different techniques.  One day we realize we need to discover who WE are as artists, and to settle our own artistic style.                                       

This program is offered either as an ‘intensive’ workshop, a weeklong five day commitment OR as a series of five or more weekly classes.   We look at the components of style.  Through discussion, lecture and hands on exercises we address the elements and principles of design with an aim to see how each of us use these in our paintings. 

This workshop is for intermediate and up who wish to take on the challenge of becoming the artist they are meant to be.

The Wealthy Artist 

Are you curious about what it takes to be in business as an artist? You create all those wonderful paintings – then what?!   In this workshop we discuss all aspects of being in business for yourself.  We will cover a range of topics including inventory, inventory control; packaging & promoting your paintings and you.  We will discuss some of the bookkeeping and tax information that is useful to the artist plus we will address that most intriguing topic - pricing your work! 

Watercolour Basics and Beyond

 The basic techniques of watercolour are not many, are relatively easy and are mastered through practice.  No amount of reading or discussion can build the mastery achieved through actual painting practice.  Spontaneity and freedom in watercolour painting comes from practice and control of the basics.

In this course you will learn and practice those basics and set yourself on a journey of discovery where you can enjoy the spontaneity and freedom that watercolour offers.

This program can be offered as a one-day workshop or as an ongoing class with more opportunity to expand on concepts and enjoy more practice.


Nancy-lynne Hughes to schedule your next class! 

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